As you can see Big Beefys Biltong is lower in fat and calories and has higher protein content than most readily available snacks. This makes it a healthier food item to snack on. With the high protein content this is an ideal snack to aid with muscle growth and repair. It’s hard to find such protein in anything else!


100g of original biltong contains over 51.5g of Protein! This very important nutrient aids muscle growth and repair. Its hard to find such quantities in anything else as tasty!!

This means that Biltong is the perfect Gym, outdoor pursuits or picnic snack! Pack little bags to stop you from eating unhealthy snacks.

Big Beefys Biltong is lower in calories and fat that your average chocolate bar, crisps and peanuts. Thus it’s much better for snacking on.


3.9g Carbohydrates per 100g

So you dont get a massive gut!

287kcal per 100g
1212kJ per 100g

Much fewer than crisps and peanuts!

2.9g Saturated Fat per100g

3x less than peanuts or chocolate

51.5g Protein per 100g

The ultimate muscle building snack


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